Why do people shout at each other when they’re angry? Some say that it’s because their hearts grow apart and shouting is their way of bridging the distance between them. However, yelling at the top of your lungs will never help resolve conflicts, just like how wars can never truly bring peace. This is especially true when you and your new sworn enemy are sharing a house.

How to Calmly Resolve Share House Conflicts

A share house can be the perfect haven you are looking for: it’s more accessible to your university or work place, it has all the amenities you need for comfortable living, and it’s practically dirt cheap compared to renting or buying a house on your own. But what if your little haven becomes the source of all your head and heartache due to continuous disputes with those you live with? What you have to do is try these simple resolutions:

Mark Your Chore Calendar

You and your housemates might have a “cook your own food” agreement, but the principle behind it can’t be applied to communal amenities like the living room, bathroom, and garden. These rooms can’t clean themselves, and since all of you are using them on a daily basis, the cleaning duty can’t be pushed to a single person. To ensure equality and a harmonious share house life, creating a chore calendar is a must.

What should your chore calendar include?

    • List of daily, weekly, and monthly chores
    • School/work schedules to determine availability
    • Chores for the day, and who they are delegated to
    • Who should take on the chores the assigned person can’t do it (e.g., needs to attend an important meeting or is sick)

Mine is Mine, Yours is Yours

In a share house, there are items and properties shared and those that aren’t. Drafting and implementing a rule book on how each item should be treated and the steps to take should one or more of the parties become accountable for a damaged shared property is paramount. This will ensure that the person(s) will not chicken out and pass their responsibility to other people and consequently secure the peace and order in the house.

Quickly Pay Your Share

Money, especially money owed, is the root of all evil in a share house. We’re not just talking about rents but also food deliveries, maintenance, and damage compensations, if there’s any. Remember: sharing a house means sharing responsibilities, and that includes settling bills. If you’re unsure how much each of you has to pay, then you ought to try payment processors like QuicklyPay.it. This payment app is available for both iOS and Android devices and can be used for the following:

    • Equally dividing bills and receipts
    • Tracking payments sent and received
    • Sending SMS notifications for non-QuicklyPay.it users
    • Paying with either a credit card or bitcoins

Currently, QuicklyPay.it only works for Aussies. If you’re living outside the Land of Plenty, you might want to check out and use either PayPal or Venmo.

Share house disputes don’t need to evolve into an ugly lawsuit. By understanding the real cause of conflict, being sincerely open to communication, and following the simple yet effective resolutions we shared with you here, your share house life will certainly be harmonious and blissful.

Picture courtesy of MrBiggs.com