Did you know that 27% of Australians have disowned a friend, flatmate or family member because they didn’t pay them back?

It is true that money makes the world go round, but is it really worth losing someone close to you just over some money? Perhaps it is because we know how important money is, and we expect others to as well. Not paying someone back is a symptom of something deeper. Laziness maybe? Pushing the boundaries of the relationship?

On occasion, it is due to pride. Knowing you can’t afford it but taking advantage of the relationship to find more time to pay, or not pay at all. In fact, 73% of Australians have had someone they know never pay them back money they are owed, with friends and family members by far the worst culprits.

Most of the time though, I think it’s just due to simple forgetfulness or the social expectation that if you pay for the group, you likely wont get much of your money back. In fact, 37% of people deliberately avoid paying for group bills or expenses because they know people wont pay them back!

Check out some of the statistics on the state of informal lending in Australia!

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