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Frequent Questions from Societies

If you’re a society exec, reach out to us at and we’ll get back to you, today!

  • What are QPay Memberships?

    QPay memberships are a digital version of the memberships that societies typically gather at O-Week. Practically, it works as a beautiful web-form that you customise for your society. You can also fill it out on iPad/Laptops at your stall. You collect all the details from the student (e.g. email, phonenumber, degree), and they pay you by cash or or via QPay, online with their credit card.

  • What are the benefits?

    • Digital membership delivered instantly to the student’s phone. Adding sponsor logos later in the term? Easy, no re-printing of cards.
    • You can collect membership payments via credit/debit card
    • Student has no cash? No problem, You can collect all the student’s details at your stall, and they can pay later via QPay (they get a link via SMS)
    • Have all of your memberships in one central place online. No more paper pages.
    • If you do any ticketing with QPay, you can use the membership list to automatically check member vs non-member pricing on tickets.
    • You can click a button to push notify your members (Android / iPhone app) about new society events, hoodies, year books, etc. Just ask us, and we’ll provide a couple of successful examples with law societies for more details.

  • Can this link with our ticketing?

    Yup, one of the best parts :) If you do your ticketing through QPay, any memberships you have will be automatically validated, so that only members on your list will be able to buy membership-priced tickets.

  • How much does this cost?

    QPay Memberships are entirely free.

  • What exactly can we do/control?

    •  You are able to customise the colour, logos, and prominence of the sponsors in the QPay app, when users view their membership card.
    •  As the card is digital, this would allow your society to add sponsors at anytime throughout the year, and offer varying levels of sponsorship based on a variety of easily maintained options.
    •  An example of this would be time (i.e. 3 months of sponsorship) rather than requiring commitment for the whole year. You will also be able to provide different tiers based on the prominence of the branding in the digital card, with customised level of prominence based on timing and relevancy (i.e. only final year students, or 2 hours before an event)

  • We have concerns about privacy. What can you do with the data?

    As a payments company, we take privacy very seriously. You can find our current privacy and security policies here. To summarise our commitments:
    • Your society owns all data collected via the Digital Memberships. As a consequence of this:
    • If you ask us to delete the data, we will remove all of the membership registration details collected from our databases
    • You will be able to notify users as often (or as little) as you choose
    • Our terms specify that a user owns any data associated with their QPay account. If they ask us to remove their account, we will deactivate their account.
    • We will not notify users without their explicit approval (Students have ultimate control of whether they wish to be notified by anyone)
    • Should we wish to notify users on a society’s behalf, we will need explicit approval from the society.

    We reserve the right to ask our users about feedback on their experience in QPay.

  • How will this work with a physical card, if we already have one?

    No problem! You are able to use both a physical card and the digital card. Having a digital card prevents lost cards, but more importantly, the idea of the digital card is less about the card itself, and more about how you engage with your members. Instead of committing to a singular card design and sponsors in the beginning of the year, you can update things on a rolling basis, and notify members, which is better for sponsors. You’ll also be able notify members of your society events (for pre-release tickets as example) or society swag.

  • Can I change the design of the card myself, if we get new sponsors?

    Absolutely. You can manage your card appearance via your society login in the QPay portal. You can edit sponsorship details, your card image, your society colours, and of course, your membership form and custom questions for students.

  • Is the member list exportable (onto computer/excel/etc)?

    Yes! Click ‘export’ and your membership list is downloadable as a spreadsheet. Also, upload your existing spreadsheets to import all your existing members automagically. Once all your memberships in the one central place, export to spreadsheet any time.

  • What about O-Week, or selling memberships at our stall?

    QPay Memberships are built for this.

    The first step is to create your membership form, and decide which details to collect. You provide your society colors, an image for your digital membership card, and questions you’d require from members (name, phone number, gender, email, university year, etc).

    Next, members of your exec open the QPay portal on their laptop (or even their phone / iPad) at the stall. The form you created is available. A new student visits to your stall, and provides those details. Your exec enters the details, and takes cash from the student.

    The student gets a text message with a link to view their membership. If they have an iPhone / Android, they can view all their memberships and deals from your sponsors in one place.

  • Can we sell memberships online?

    Yup! When you complete setting up your membership form, you will be provided with a link (with a custom URL that you can specify) that you can post on Facebook or on your site, where people can fill in their own details and pay for their memberships online. Once they pay, they will receive a text message (and email) with details on how they can view their membership

  • Can we communicate with our members?

    This is the most exciting part of our memberships!

    Society executives can login to the QPay portal and create “tiles” for their membership card. A tile is a little box containing a title, description, link, and image, that appears in their app. Good examples of tiles are a sponsor’s deal, an upcoming event, merchandise you might selling, or job offers. The newest tile is at the top.

    You then pick which members you want to notify (e.g. only final year students), and fire away! All selected members then either get a push notification on iPhone / Android, or an email notification.

    It’s important to note that the user has the ultimate control of whether they choose to be push notified or not. If they opt-out of push notifications, they will not be notified, even if you do the above. Privacy is important to us!