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Introducing QPay

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Access to QPay’s premium merchant portal
that allows you to post any offer, general or exclusive.

Track Live Analytics
We help make sure you’re in the loop with all the
numbers through our dedicated analytics page.
Get insight into live unique views, impressions and clicks.

Reach Every University
Never be worried about missing out on exposure,
we deal with over 30 universities across Australia.

Exposure at Orientation Week
Orientation Week is the first week of the university semester.
With new cohorts of students beginning their study, there’s no
better time to introduce them to your brand.

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Connect with thousands of students

If you have great deals, discounts and rewards, students want to hear from you! QPay is the easiest way to reach students all over Australia. With over 1 out of 6 students using the platform for their campus purchases, you can promote your business through our online and offline channels.


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Reach More Students


University students and millenials don’t watch TV. They ignore all types of advertising. And they certainly don’t read print media or listen to radio. They have zero patience for advertising. But all hope is not lost! QPay can help you present your value with oomph!


Loyalty cards don’t really work! They’re supposed to get you more repeat, loyal customers. We can help with that. But first, students have to discover you. That’s where QPay starts, bringing lots of students into your store, to discover great value and become true regulars.


University students are share-happy on social media, but the bar for quality is high. So let us help you put forward the most fun, most remarkable deals & promotions to students, so that word of your store spreads between friends organically. Word of mouth always beats advertising!

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