Remarkable Rewards & Deals.

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It’s not points. It’s not coupons. It’s not vouchers. Just cold, hard cash.
QPay swipe is the free cashback card that rewards you for your purchases 🎁

Rewards & Deals

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Introducing QPay Swipe

Get access to tailored rewards in real time.
It’s not points. It’s not coupons. Just cold, hard cash.

Replace your old debit card

Out with the old, in with the new. Banks are old and boring. So we’re making payments fun – tap your swipe card at any store or restaurant, and get cash back rewards instantly.

Take back control of your spending  💪

Budgeting shouldn’t be a chore – change the way you look at money by tracking your spending with real-time notifications

Instant Spending Alerts

No more pending charges. Know your true balance every time

IT’S FREE – No Fees

It’s your money, so why should we charge you?
We want to keep it that way, with no fees.

24/7 In-App support

Help is always at your fingertips with round the clock support

Instant Cash Back

No need for paper loyalty cards. Claim rewards by simply paying with your Swipe card


QPay’s bank-level security protects your sensitive personal information and prevents unauthorised use.

Tap & Go Card

Your Swipe card can be used everywhere Mastercard is. Online too!