See all your friends’ uni timetables,
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Know when all your friends are free, and when your classes are

Frequently asked questions on how this all works

If you have any questions, reach out to us at hello@quicklypay.it and we’ll get back to you, today!

  • Why does QPay do timetabling?

    Our mission here at QPay is to make things more convenient for students. A large part of that is understanding what students want, and making sure we deliver. Since we already are helping students around the world with ticketing, memberships, merch, and textbooks, timetabling was a natural next step

  • So how does it work?

    Easy. Sign into your QPay account, attach your uni details, and we’ll automagically import your uni timetable. From there, you can optionally share your timetable with friends, and view the timetables of others who shared with you.

  • I have concerns about privacy. What can you do with the data?

    As a payments company, we take privacy very seriously. You can find our current privacy and security policies here. To summarise our commitments:
    • We will never share or disclose your data to any third party
    • You own all data collected. As a consequence of this:
    • If you ask us to delete the data, we will remove all of the registration details collected from our databases, other than what’s required for auditing purposes
    • If you ask us to remove your account, we will deactivate your account.

  • I tried to find it for my uni, but only saw a beta sign up form

    We’re hard at work at rolling this out across every university that QPay is at. We already have a majority of them included, but we’ll be rolling out the remaining ones over the next couple of months. Of course, you can always reach out to us if you want to participate in our beta program for you uni!

  • How is this easier than using the timetable the university provides?

    We automatically update your timetable every semester, it works on the app and the website, and you can share/view your friend’s timetables :) Oh and when exams roll around, we’ll automatically include your exam times too!