When starting a startup, a frequent concern of founders is Intellectual Property: Think copyright, patents, and paranoia of idea-theft.

Wearing my app development hat, I frequently encourage clients to understand that your business is not your idea, and that traction with customers far outweighs even the best idea, under-executed. QuicklyPay.it followed this path; we told as many people as possible about the idea, before and after launch. Now, with many thousands of dollars passing through QuicklyPay.it regularly, no-one with only an idea can argue; only traction matters.

Traction looks like: Our users are regularly sending each other cash, splitting bills for movies, food, rent, and rather large sums for ‘lol’ apparently. Carry on guys. 

Following this traction, you have something to protect! Which is what we told IP Australia when they interviewed us for a case study: for a government agency, they were very progressive with their write-up + photos of the team.

View the article on the front page of the IP Australia Government Website