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Whether you’re running a weekly club event or a big yearly ball, take advantage of our flexible and feature-rich system made for students

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Get started with Event Ticketing

The event and ticketing platform made for student clubs. For all student events big and small. Trusted by 5000+ clubs


A ticketing system that works with your club membership

Easily sell member-only tickets with automatic membership validation. Our system checks if the ticket buyer is a member so you don’t have to!

A seamless event and ticketing experience

Event setup is easy with our powerful event creation wizard. Get set up and start selling tickets pronto. Ticket sales are also straightforward whether selling in cash or online.

Market your events on our student marketplace

Help your event get more exposure. All club events are automatically added to our QPay app – used by students on campus to buy memberships, event tickets and more.


Events & ticketing are powerful alone, but even better when used with these features