Why use QPay for your merchandise?
Good Question.

Is it Durable?

Awesome Quality & Price

We understand student fashion. We know they only want to wear the coolest swag. However, we also know that quality and price is important. Our apparel is of the highest quality material, all at an affordable price.

Can I design it?

Activate your creative juice

Not quite right? Want to change the colour of the hoodie? Want to move your society logo? Want to get your design embroidered? No worries. We confirm your design before you buy.

What else you got?

Bags, Caps, Shorts, Polos…

Why limit yourself to just shirts and hoodies? We have pretty much everything you can think of, from socks to backpacks, shorts to pants, and much more – just ask us.

How much do I order?

Crowdfund your order

Having doubts about how many students want to buy your swag? Don’t want to order too much? Our ’Tip’ feature allows you to set the minimum orders from students you need to buy from us. Only ‘Tip’ merchandise when you gauge enough interest from students! Only when merchandise is tipped, will we place the order and charge students.

How long will it take?

We express deliver to you

Want to get your swag to students quickly? Once you are happy with the designs, we deliver your merch to you in no more than 8 days.

How do I sell my swag?

We already have a platform for you.

This is probably the trickiest problem for societies. We solve this by integrating our merchandise platform with our current student memberships/events portal. Start selling your swag instantly.

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