3.04 Release Notes – Grant Management Feature

It’s finally here and we are super proud to update the QPay UniHub and Clubs portal with the grant management feature. Instead of using pdf forms or standard google forms to collect funding requests and using Excel/Google Sheets to track the funding status/payouts of each club, clubs can now directly fill out their student association supplied grant application and grant claim forms directly from their QPay Clubs portal. Say HELLO! to convenience and reduced approval timeframes.

**Clubs Portal Screenshot – Forms section


Student Associations can now get automated detailed insights on all funding activity occurring on their campus. Associated with our forms approval & rejection system and customised funding approval steps (similar to our club affiliations workflow), customers can take advantage and utilise the smart funding system flow:

  • Step 1: Club Y Submits a Funding Application for $100 ($100 Requested)
  • Step 2: Student Association only approves 50% of the Funding Application ($50 Approved)
  • Step 3: Club Y is only able to submit 1 or multiple funding Claim forms against the $50 Approved amount, until the balance reduces to $0

All balances, application and claim amounts are automatically recorded in your UniHub Portal, making reporting a breeze and allowing you to focus less on administrative tasks and more on strategy to deliver an enhanced student experience. It doesn’t end there, we also can help Student Associations with the finance function when it comes times to Club funds disbursements. We have 2 ways to support this:

  1. Direct Debit Functionality:
    • Once Club Y is approved for a Grant Claim form, QPay will automatically direct debit the Student Association’s Bank Account and transfer the funds to the Club’s bank account.
  2. Float Account with QPay Finance:
    • Student Association sends a large float amount to QPay Finance
    • Once Club Y is approved for a Grant Claim form, QPay will transfer the funds to the Club’s bank account from the Float account

**UniHub Portal Screenshot – Funding/Grants section

Almost every club applies for a grant of some type from their Student Association so we anticipate that this module will be one of the more popular ones used out of all the others QPay offers. We can’t wait to hear the reviews and feedback from universities (Fingers crossed – positive ones!)

A big thanks to all our university partners who provided feedback/input and helped shaped this release – special mention to Tasmania University Student Association, Griffith University Student Guild, Australian National University Student Association and University of Fraser Valley Student Union 


Appendix – Campus Administrators Discussion Q’s

  1. How can we know the average $ requested by all our clubs?
  2. What if we want to approve a smaller amount?
  3. Is there a way to generate a report that we can submit to the university funding committee?
  4. Can we extract data to know the types of funding clubs have applied for, in an academic year?
  5. Are we able to stop clubs from applying for funding after a certain point, when our grant balance is near exhaustion?
  6. Can we automate the paying out of funds when claims are approved?
  7. Are we able to get analytics on the specific club in reference to funding claims?